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The Balagne

Balagne consists of a coastal region, located between Calvi and Ile Rousse, and a hinterland hills overlooking the sea Nicknamed "The Garden of Corsica", Balagne full of olive groves, fig trees , orchards, palm trees, immortal.

It is dotted with beautiful perched villages with narrow streets and typical houses as Sant'Antonio, Spéloncato, Pigna, Lumio, Belgodère ... and stunning baroque churches like Corbara or Romanesque like Aregno.

You can also take the road of artisans Balagne which is an invitation to discover the local traditions and know-how. Wine, charcuterie, cheese, Olive oil, cutlery, working olive wood.

  • L'Ile Rousse
  • Village de Pigna
  • Village en ruine d'Occi
  • Plage de l'Ostriconi
  • Plage de Bodri
  • Village de Cateri

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