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Bodycare Thémaé

Thémaé Paris


Rebalancing Singapore massage

50 min : 110€ - 75 min : 150€
At the junction of three cultures nestled in the Far East, this spectacular massage combines massage techniques to rid the body of daily stress and tensions while delivering an intensive calming and relaxing experience. Take a journey through Asia and learn how these focused techniques will leave you renewed.

Replenishing Lomi-Maé massage

50 min : 110€ - 75 min : 150€
Inspired by Hawaiian beauty rituals, this massage is performed with the forearms. The movements are wide and enveloping, reproducing the ebb and ow of the ocean to release energy from muscles and relieve tension. Rocked by these successive waves of well-being, your body is intensely replenished.

Bamboo Body Scrub

40 min : 80€
An aromatic paste of Apricot oil shea butter and bamboo powder and a signature 4 Teas Elixir rids your skin of impurities, leaving it feeling fresh and radiant.