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Massages "La Villa"

Massage Relax

50 min : 110 E - 80 min : 150 €
Body massage; soothing, relaxing, inspired by California, ideal for fatigue and/or stress massage techniques.

Massage Tonic

50 min : 110 € - 80 min : 150 €
This deep and second massage can solve the muscle contractions and drain toxins. It is also recommended for athletes for relaxing and avoiding aching muscles.

Slimming Massage

50 min : 110 €
This very tonic massage associates techniques of rolling and cupping, drainage, to activate the venous circulation and favor the elimination of toxins.

Delight Back Neck Shoulders Massage

40 min : 80 €
This anti-fatigue and anti-stress massage allows to solve the deep tensions and is ideal in case of muscular contractions.

Feet réflexology

50 min : 90 €
Issue of the Chinese tradition, the Feet Reflexology allows to rebalance the body by pressures on feet. Ideal to relax and benefit from a regenerating care.