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Restaurant La Table by La Villa

Our retaurant, 1 star Michelin, will prepare magnificent taste sensations for you, where simplicity and sincerity have pride of place and the focus is on local produce.
The cuisine is in harmony with the place, and demonstrates the richness and wealth of Corsican gastronomy.

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Laurent Renard

Laurent Renard, head chef

Resolutely passionate

The Chef of La Table by La Villa carries within it the flavors of the south. Laurent is indeed born on the shores of the Mediterranean; and it is in Mandelieu, for more than 10 years alongside the Raimbault brothers "The Oasis", he was able to epigraphs all qualities which could be summarized as: passion, perfection and humility. One is tempted to add a heightened attention to detail and unwavering commitment. Formed by the excellent chef Jean-Marie Meulien, which was a time, it can not be invented, head of Oasis, Laurent Renard, from his earliest years, bathed by Mediterranean influences. So naturally this, tasty and traveler, Laurent offers customers the Villa. His generous personality is the promise to serve you dishes that are full of freshness, sun, happiness... and love : the essential ingredient.

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